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One-off Sale Plan

Feature/Package Bunifu ERP – Basic
Bunifu ERP- Pro
Modules: Student Management Student Management
Accounts Accounts
Exams Exams
Discipline Discipline
HR & PayrolL
Transport Management
 Intergrations: SMS SMS
Mobile app Mobile app
Cloud back-up Cloud back-up
 PRICING (KES)  200, 000/= 200,000/=

Maintenance & support for the one-off plan

Annual maintenance & support Bunifu ERP – Basic
Bunifu ERP- Pro
Package: Cloud hosting Cloud hosting
Mobile app support Mobile app support
Customer support Customer support
Updates & upgrades Updates & upgrades
Visit to the school: 1 per year 2 per year
 PRICING (KES)  20, 000/= 40,000/=