Automate your instituitions processes

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Bunifu ERP System

All the features you need to efficiently run your school

Do more efficiently in less time by automating school administration processes. Reduce paperwork, redundancy and data loss.

Bunifu ERP Dashboard

Student admission and registration

This module provides a comprehensive student admission form with a multiple guardian details addition facility. Previous education details can be captured here too.

Quickly capture student details
Receive & record student fee payments
Easily manage student exam results

Accounts & Finance

This Module manages school cash flows; both income and expenditure. It has a comprehensive fee classification system hence easy analysis of fee balances for each student, class or the entire school based on the fee structure.

Manage your school cash flows
Track your school expenditure
Easily analyse fee balances
Bunifu ERP Dashboard
Bunifu ERP Dashboard

Academic & Examination

The Bunifu ERP exam module manages exams, ranks students and helps the school administration and the parent/guardian to track the student’s performance. This module automates examinations report generation.

Manage student exams
Keep track of student performance
Automate examination report generation

HR & Payroll

The Human Resource (HR) and Payroll module manages staff information, payroll generation and bank schedules. It efficiently manages all employees from admission to exit, the entire payroll and automatic calculation of pay deductions for each employee.

Efficiently manage staff information
Easily generate payroll
Efficiently manage employees
Automatically calculate employees pay deductions
Bunifu ERP Dashboard
Bunifu ERP Dashboard

In-built messaging system (SMS & E-mail)

Bunifu ERP has an inbuilt SMS and Email system which provides an easy and a quick way to send messages to any user of the system. This brings forth effective communication between administration, teachers, students and parents.

Effectively communicate with school stakeholders
Easily send fee payment reminders to parents

Keep track of your communication history
Reliably engage parents via SMS

Cloud backup

The Cloud Back Up Interface backs up any information or transaction made on the ERP. It pushes such information as school fee information and payroll to an online portal accessible via a browser within school LAN or via internet.

Keep your school information safe
Access information via an online portal
Prevent data loss
Bunifu ERP Dashboard

Communication Platform (SMS)

A messaging tool that helps you seamlessly communicate with your school stakeholders. Power your SMS communication with unrivalled deliverability and speed.

Send exam results
Send fee balances
Send event reminders
Communicate with suppliers
Communicate with the board of management
Custom messaging aided by tags


All in one messaging solution.

Send Branded SMS

Send your messages with the name of your school. For example, if your school name is Kagaki School, then every message/sms you send will have KAGAKI SCHOOL as the identifier. Obtain this sender id at Ksh. 20,000

Bunifu ERP Easy Setup

One minute setup

No IT expert needed to help with the setup. It's as easy as signing up for a facebook account. You will be up and running in less than a minute.

Account for your spending

Easily track the number of messages/ SMS you have sent hence your spending. The system is also designed in a way that you can top-up your sms balance without leaving the page.


Delivery reports analytics

Receive real-time Delivery Reports of SMS messages sent to any recipient.Track the status of the messages you send. The analytics include delivered, failed, pending and rejected.

Cross-network messaging

Send SMS to any number(Safaricom, Airtel, Telcom) at the same rates. One shilling per sms(160 characters).This in turn helps you save.

Multi-lingual Support

Engage your school stakeholders or parents in their native tongue. Send SMS messages in any language or character set .

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