We have flexible pricing plans.

Straight forward pricing to suit your needs. Choose your package NOW!

Exam Module



*One off

  • Student admission
  • Student registration
  • Student exam processing
  • Exam report generation
  • Student ranking
  • Student performance tracking
  • In-built Messaging

Accounting Module



*One off

  • Student management
  • Income & Expenditure management
  • Hr & Payroll
  • Procurement
  • Reports (Ministry of Education standards)
  • In-built messaging

Full Package



*Upto 4 client computers

  • Student Management
  • Accounts module
  • Exams module
  • HR & Payroll
  • Procurement
  • Reports (Ministry of Education Standards)
  • Mobile App
  • In-built messaging

Library System



*Suitable for clients with customized needs.

  • Custom modules
  • Cloud deployment
  • Group of Schools Deployment
  • Personalized support
  • Payment integrations
  • Mobile app


Improve your mode of communication by using bulk SMS.

Bunifu ERP SMS



*Pay as you go

  • Send unlimited sms
  • Send custom sms
  • View sms statistics
  • Categories
  • -SMS for staff
  • -SMS for Students
  • -SMS for Others

Need a Communication tool?

You are in the right place. We provide a communication platform for schools. It helps you seamlessly communicate with parents, your staff and other stakeholders.

You can send a custom sms ,student exam results, fee structures and fee statements to all parents at a click of a button.For you to send branded SMS, obtain a sender ID at 12,700 KES.

Our system is awesomely designed to support all these features. Talk to us if you need any customizations.


A maintenance fee of KES 20,000 per year is charged for all the products/plans.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many times do you visit our school?

We visit the school twice a year and you wont incur any costs.

How do you do your support?

Support is done via phone calls, TeamViewer or a visit to the school if need be.

Do I have to pay for system updates?

No you don’t have to pay for any system updates.

What time are you available for support?

We are available Monday to  Friday 8:30 AM – 5:30 PM +3 GMT.

What is your client base?

Our system can be used by Learning instituitions including kindergarten, primary schools, secondary schools and colleges.

Which platforms do you support?

The system is a desktop application. We also have an android application  for parents and teachers.