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Student Management Module

Bunifu ERP student management system allows you to register students, store and maintain their academic records, and manage their tuitions and fees.

Exam processing module

Bunifu ERP exam module manages exams, ranks students and helps the school track the student’s performance. This module automates examinations report generation.

Accounting software

This Module manages school cash flows; both income and expenditure. Helps in managing fees and tuition, and generate financial documents and reports.

HR and Payroll

The Human Resource (HR) and Payroll module manages staff information, payroll generation and bank schedules. It efficiently manages all employees from admission to exit.

Cloud Backup

The Cloud Back Up Interface backs up any information or transaction made on the ERP. It pushes such information as school fee information and payroll to an online portal accessible via a browser within school LAN or via internet.

Communication Platform

This is a stand-alone sms tool that gives you power to stay connected. With instant messaging, teachers and parents can always communicate. The school can send student results, fee balances and structures, school events and much more.

Why Bunifu ERP?

Do more in less time. Ditch paperwork and easily automate every tedious process in school.

Bunifu ERP Features

Powerful features

We provide everything you will ever need to run your institution.

Simple Bunifu ERP Setup

Simple and easy to setup

Getting setup is effortless. Designed to get you started in less than a minute.

Bunifu ERP Pricing

Affordable pricing plans

We provide different plans for different modules. Check out our plans.

Simple Bunifu ERP Setup


Bunifu ERP is a highly scalable and customizable school management system.

Bunifu ERP Features

Great User Experience

The users can easily navigate through the different software modules and can get their work done with the least effort. We assure you the finest user experience in dealing with our product.


Great support

Our technical support team is always ready to help you to overcome any hardships you may face while using our
software at your school.

How the Software Works

Always a step ahead. Enhance Communication with Mobile App

Get fee structures

The parents can view school fee structures for a given term from the mobile application.

Exam results

Parents are able to monitor student performance history with records of student exams and results.

Fee balances reminders

Parents will be able to receive fee balances reminders/notifications

School Events

Parents can get school events notifications and reminders as soon as an event is planned.

Student attendance

Parents can track student attendance history, alerts when student attends or misses classes

Find out how Bunifu ERP can transform the way you manage your school.

Stand-alone Communication Platform(SMS)

Messaging System

This is a stand-alone messaging tool that helps your school seamlessly communicate with the various stakeholders.

The institution can send out targeted information to parents/guardians eg school events, fee balances, exam results etc. and to the teachers about upcoming PTA Meetings, school opening dates and any messages the school needs to be to them delivered urgently.

Send fee balances to parents/guardians
Send fee balance reminders to parents/guardians
Send exam results to parents/guardians
Send personalized custom messages
Save on expensive purchases for paperwork

This keeps the users updated about their assigned responsibilities. This system is not only fast and easy but also eco-friendly, it is a saving on expensive purchases for receipts, notices and other announcements.

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