Product Features & Add-ons

Student Admission & Registration

This module provides a comprehensive student admission form with a multiple guardian details addition facility. Previous education details can be captured here too. The information saved here forms the student profile which includes their passport photo. On the student’s profile, you can manage other records related to the student e.g fees payment, exams, etc.

In-built messaging system (SMS & E-mail)

Bunifu ERP has an inbuilt SMS and Email system which provides an easy and a quick way to send messages to any user of the system. This brings forth effective communication between administration, teachers, students and parents. The system also keeps a record of the communication between the school and it’s stakeholders. The two modules are added as an add-on plugin for student fee payment reminders and staff pay slip notification etc.

Web Portal Access

The web portal allows for automation and remote access of information. It provides students and staff with the ability to manage their accounts and to access relevant information. E-procurement services and information are also availed here to the public/suppliers.

Accounts & Finance

This Module manages school cash flows; both income and expenditure. It has a comprehensive fee classification system hence easy analysis of fee balances for each student, class or the entire school based on the fee structure.

HR & Payroll

The Human Resource (HR) and Payroll module manages staff information, payroll generation and bank schedules. It efficiently manages all employees from admission to exit, the entire payroll and automatic calculation of pay deductions for each employee.

Academic & Examination

The Bunifu ERP exam module manages exams, ranks students and helps the school administration and the parent/guardian to track the student’s performance. This module automates examinations report generation.

Cloud Back up

The Cloud Back Up Interface backs up any information or transaction made on the ERP. It pushes such information as school fee information and payroll to an online portal accessible via a browser within school LAN or via internet.


The Reports Module gives daily cash and bank summary, cashbook and ledger reports, trial balance, income statement and statement of financial position, imprest reports and cheque receipt register. This eases work for internal audit and prudence in spending.

Mobile App

The android Mobile App which available on Google Play store allows for ease of communication and alerts between the school, the parents and staff. A parent/guardian can signup and be in a position to access information about their student/pupil.

Accounts & Budget

Manages budgeting for various vote heads, fees structure and funds transfer from one account to another.

Manage Users

Bunifu ERP has different user access levels based on their roles. The system admin has the capacity to add users and set their privilleges with respect to their roles and search for any users, view/edit user login details and privileges.

Bank Reconciliation

This module helps in tracking and capturing of all Bank Account transactions hence ease of reconciliation.

Purchase & Procurement

This module captures supplier information details, generates purchase orders and invoices.

Transport Management

This Module Manages school transport payments and bus/van/vehicle assignment..


we tweak the system to fit your needs

Why Bunifu ERP?

It’s a distributed system utilizing your existing network

Reduces paperwork & related costs

Ease of customization to fit the institution needs

Real time data updates and reports

Cached reports – Available at the click of a button

Ease of audit – Ministry of education compliant reports

Audit logs – Improves accountability

Dedicated and prompt customer support

Proper record keeping & cloud back ups

Increased staff productivity

Custom report filtering

Add-on technology (cloud, SMS and email)

How the Software Works

Always a step ahead. Enhance Communication with Mobile App

Get fee balance alerts

The app sends students due fee balances, alerts when payment is made and reminders of due invoices

Student attendance

Parents can track student attendance history, alerts when student attends or misses classes

Exam results

Parents are able to monitor student performance history with records of student exams and results alert for each exam done.