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How to add/register a new student on Bunifu ERP for Schools and Colleges

Bunifu ERP for schools and colleges student management module

Bunifu ERP for schools and colleges student management module

This is a step-by-step demo of how to add/register a new student on the Bunifu ERP.

Having successfully installed Bunifu ERP on your Windows PC/Server, you may want add a new student to the management system and this is the ultimate process.

Step 1: Click ‘Student Management’ module on Bunifu ERP Dashboard.

Step 2: Click ‘Student Wizard’ on the top left side of your screen. Upon clicking, a dialogue will appear.

Step 3: On the right side of the dialogue window, click ‘Generate ADM’ and the student’s admission number will be auto-generated by the system, however, you can key a number of your choice then key in the student’s name, class, class stream and the hostel/dormitory.

Step 4: Click the button ‘Add Student’ at the bottom of the dialogue window.

Step 5: Close the dialogue window and the process of registering/adding a new student is done!

NOTE: On the same ‘Student Wizard’, you can as well ‘Invoice’ or Receive payment from the student being added.

Bunifu ERP is simply a robust management system for schools and colleges which helps schools admins to automate their processes so that they can concentrate/focus on what matters.

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