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Automating school’s administrative processes reduces costs; saves environment

Automation Cuts Use of Paper

Automating school's administrative processes reduces costs; saves environment

William McDonough, an American designer, advisor, author, and thought leader, during his highly watched talk at TED (2005), challenged designers to come up with a model that makes oxygen, consumes carbon, fixes nitrogen, distills water, accrues solar energy as fuel, makes complex sugars and food, creates micro-climates, changes colours with the seasons, and self-replicates.

This is basically something that is self sustaining and ideally eternal.

Now into our education system(s)…

Most, if not all education systems around the globe, through Environmental Education (EE), seeks to equip learners with skills that help them make their immediate environment clean and sustainable upon understanding how natural environments function.

Why should we care about paper usage in our schools and colleges?

The ultimate answer is that paper is essentially expensive, temporary (not so secure) mode of data storage and is primarily made from trees. This means use of paper is a major threat to the forests as it encourages felling of trees which would have protected the environment.

One of the highlights of such lessons about the natural environment is climate change which is primarily ocassioned by deforestation. It therefore, beats logic for a tutor to lecture or teach on how to protect environment when the institution they are attached to, still uses a large junk of paper to record their transactions, print examinations reports and to store information.

All the activities being done in the school need to be maintained in the records. This could include recording data on the attendance of students and teachers to sending the progress reports of the students to their parents. It is basically the responsibility of the management of the said institute and the only way to avoid use of paper in all aspects of record keeping is by using automation software which are tailor made to suit school/college processes.

To achieve this the administration needs school Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system software for schools and colleges.

A school/college ERP is a software designed with the specific intention of automating and managing the woor processes of an organization with the help of networked computers.

An ideal ERP for a learning instution should be flexible, robust and sucure. Flexibility in that it can be configured to suit a your institution and should cover all aspects of a learning institution because departments are always interdependent. Security of the data processed and stored in the software is key to curb compromization.

With such a software, a school, college or any other learning institution will have an option of printing examination and financial reports only having avoided manual admission of students, fee collection, among other processes hence reduced use of paper.

With ERPs like Bunifu ERP which are synced with mobile application, a parent and student can receive any form of communication from the school/college including examination results, invoices and receipts and this further cuts down the cot of printing and paper usage.

Cut paper usage; save money and time, reduce errors and save the environment!

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