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Security features to look for in a school management system

The need to have processes in learning institutions automated is increasing by the day and owing to this trend, generally, the education sector is rapidly becoming vulnerable to data and security breaches.

This is the core reason why school/college owners are advised to always ensure that security and safety of digitized data is a legitimate concern for the vendors of manufacturers when shopping for a management software.

Bunifu ERP for schools and colleges, for example, gives an assurance of data privacy to school administrators as some of the best security measures and features were considered and included during design and implementation of the automation software.

This is a list of the security features incorporated by Bunifu Technologies on Bunifu ERP.

  1. Use of passwords: for one to login in to Bunifu ERP, one requires a password to their respective accounts. Again, all the passwords are encrypted; should an intruder or hacker manages to intercept the passwords, they still cannot login since they are encrypted.
  2. Obfuscation: Obfuscation by definition is the action of making something obscure, unclear, or unintelligible. While packaging Bunifu ERP, it undergoes obfuscation. This helps prevent malware and hackers who would always attempt to tamper or alter with the Management System’s functionality. With this, one cannot make activation keys or patches for the software.
  3. Database Security Layer: Bunifu ERP has an extra layer of security. This layer of security is dedicated to the database only so as to prevent malicious attempts to access to school records.
  4. Use of Token Keys when communicating with cloud: Bunifu ERP has a cloud integration where data is stored and backed up. When the system is connecting to the cloud, it uses secure tokens  which expire after sessions in order to send and receive data to and from cloud.  This ensures that no intruder trying to spoof data can successfully reuse the access keys. It also ensures that only Bunifu ERP system is the one sending and receiving data to cloud and not any other source.
  5. Audit logs: This feature helps in monitoring of transactions or activities carried out in the system. This also keeps of user activity thus you always know who logged in, when and what did what within Bunifu ERP for schools and colleges.
  6.  Data encryption: Bunifu ERP database is always encrypted to prevent data being read by unauthorized parties.
  7.  Zero Accounting Transaction reversal/deletion: A user cannot reverse or delete an accounting transaction made on Bunifu ERP’s Accounts, Procurement and HR/Payroll modules. Therefore one has to have a counter transaction to cancel the error made thus minimizing flaws in the finance department.
  8. Identity and Access Management (IAM): This security feature enables the authorized users to access the right information at the right times and for the right reasons while logged in to Bunifu ERP.

Soon to be added security features

Bio-metric login: This is a two layer confirmation of sensitive operations like authorizing payments and moving funds from one account to another.

With all these top-grade security measures, however, your school’s or college’s security is not entirely guaranteed.

While Bunifu ERP for Schools and Colleges can have a multitude of security features or even data-protection safety nets in case of attack, most breaches occur due to human complacency thus the users need to be taught how to safely use this tool is as important as teaching students dangers of the offline world around them.

Automate your school today.

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